Admission is free.
We do not charge for our help!

This is what the educational consultant status requires us to do. Therefore, our support is free. With us you will easily manage to apply for studies in the UK.


Do you know why choosing OA Education you choose the best?


The scope of our assistance begins at the stage of finding your international career path, compatible with your interests and passions, and ends with fixing all details concerning your study mobility, such as the selection of the course and university, submission of the application, the application for funding and accommodation. We cooperate closely with British universities that offer a huge range of choice of courses and open the door to the world of an international career.


You will appreciate our help particularly when we help you solve formal and communication problems with the university. We have our own private communication channels, we know who to talk to, what about and how. We assist you, check, negotiate, remind, keep watch on your deadlines. We bring your case to a happy finale. We give you reassurance that everything will be accomplished as best as possible.


OA Education supports in choosing reasonably and being admitted to universities in Britain. We know the realities of studying in the UK and we are always close to the British universities that we help to get to. We offer fully free support in applying to any university in the UK. This is possible because the universities completely subsidise our activities. With our expertise, knowledge and connections we will help you to seamlessly select and enter your dream studies in the UK.

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