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The loan covers 100% of the Tuition Fee.

Tuition Fee Loan is granted to each student from the European Union to cover tuition fees of undergraduate or master’s study programmes in the UK. The loan covers 100% of the Tuition Fee(s).


Terms for repayment are very favourable – this is the only such a loan in the world! Fee payments will be made directly to the university every year. In year 2 and 3 a continuing students application must be completed to confirm your continuation of study at the university or course.


The loan will be repaid year after graduating ONLY IF you take up employment and your earnings exceed the set annual threshold for the country where you are working, and more specifically, where you settle your taxes. Your parents’ earnings are not taken into account. If you have not reached the threshold, 30 years later the loan is officially redeemed. Therefore, the English call it “soft money”.


When you have no income above the threshold amount in the country where you are working, discontinue working or go on leave, the repayment is suspended – you do not have to pay. So, as you can see, this is not a typical loan. No bank will offer you such a holiday.


If you exceed the repayment threshold, you will only repay 9% of your earnings above a minimum amount. This will be a very small amount in relation to your future earnings! The earnings threshold in England is 25 thousand pounds per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will only repay the amount you have borrowed. Remember that you get the loan only for the current academic year, not for the entire period of study. This is a favourable deal. If you discontinue studies after a year due to non-recurring events, you will repay the loan only for that year on the terms stated above.
Yes, it does. The interest rate (since 1st September 2016) has been 4.6% and it is annually charged from the amount which is still due at that moment. For further information about the latest terms for repayment please call Student Finance England, phone 0044 141 243 3660
If you lose your job or go on maternity-paternity leave, the repayment will be suspended.
If you start earning above 27 thousand pounds per year, you will only repay 9% of the surplus of that amount. If you don’t exceed it, you will not repay anything and the loan will be officially redeemed after 30 years, regardless of your account balance or the amount of repayments already made!

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