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Sport and Fitness

Our courses range from sports science, which is an ideal introduction if you are considering studying sport or exercise at degree level, through to fitness. Sports scientists are in high demand, as technology evolves and the need for athletes to get an extra edge becomes more acute.

Why study Sport and Fitness courses?

The UK is the home of modern sport. There’s no better place to study sport than here, where there are expert courses in all areas, and a national obsession with sport. If you’re a sports fan, then working in it every day, no matter what sport it is, could be a dream job. Sports Science puts you right at the heart of it, with placement opportunities galore.

What jobs can you get as a Sport and Fitness graduate?

Particular job roles, as well as sports scientist, include physiologist, fitness centre manager, teacher and lecturer, sports administrator, coach, sports therapist, event manager, and activities manager.

  • Adventure and Outdoor Management
  • Applied Sport Science
  • Fitness and Personal Training
  • Football Business Management
  • Football Science
  • Football Studies
  • Health and Fitness Management
  • Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science
  • Physical Education
  • Sport and Exercise Psychology
  • Sport and Exercise Therapy
  • Sport Coaching and Sport Development
  • Sport Management
  • Sport Performance Coaching